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Realize your potential and empower others to realize theirs as part of a company that’s innovating solutions to global challenges that affect billions of lives. Oracle ranked as the world’s largest database management company with US$100M in sales and 4,500 end users in 55 countries. Learn what industry analysts are saying about Oracle’s products and services. You’ll then be prompted to provide your contact details and a message. Oracle condemns the terrorist attacks against Israel and its citizens. Oracle will provide all support necessary to its employees and to the government of Israel and the country’s defense establishment.

There are more than 500 companies listed on TechBehemoths that provide Oracle development/consultancy services. Drive meaningful change, work with innovative people, and shape the technologies that are making the world a better place with the cloud leader for global businesses. As a student you can get free access to a wealth of computer science learning resources.

Develop new skills, connect with experts, and discover solutions to your complex business challenges. A second wave of COVID-19 has spread rapidly in India, with more than 31.65 million people infected and more than 400,000 dead. As the world’s second most populous country battles the virus and tries to stem the tide of new cases, Cerner has helped clinics in India go digital to help them become more efficient.

Financial services engineering teams use new technology and processes to release products four times faster. For years, the computerization of practice has been a leading cause for provider burnout. In fact, a recent study from Medscape reported that a quarter of surveyed providers said documentation requirements in their electronic health record (EHR) were their primary reason for feeling overwhelmed. You can use the advanced filter to narrow down the results and shortlist the service providers that suit your search criteria.

  1. Join us and work with prospective customers to understand their needs, identify and qualify opportunities for Oracle, and learn winning skills that set you up for long term success.
  2. TechBehemoths is the world’s most advanced and user-friendly platform to match IT Companies with real clients without hustle.
  3. Are you studying computer science, a technology discipline or computer engineering major?

There’s lots to celebrate with the release of game-changer Oracle7 database and the company’s 15th anniversary. The company changes its name to Oracle Corporation from Relational Software Inc. (formerly SDL). Learn about Oracle’s commitment to our community, customers, employees, and partners during the COVID-19 crisis.

However, in recent years the company focused on cloud computing and cloud services. There are about 400 tech companies from Bangalore registered on TechBehmonths. They offer a broad range of services and usually have a reasonable price range. Bangalore or Bengaluru is often called the Silicon Valley of India, as it’s the leading IT hub in the country, with over 60K tech companies and lots of IT professionals operating in the city. Solution engineering requires a blend of technical and business acumen, so we hire candidates from all academic backgrounds. You’ll work with our customers to understand their requirements, and delight them with Oracle solutions that solve their unique business problems.

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There is no obligation to hire and you have the option to submit your project requirements and get a list of handpicked companies to consider. Innovatily has been transforming thoughts into imaginative products. Arrfy Technologies Private Limited is a leading software company dedicated to providing a full spectrum of software-related solutions tailored to meet…

People from various parts of the country choose to move to Bangalore because of the pleasant weather (compared to other states), tech job opportunities and higher salaries, and the city’s cosmopolitan vibe. New Always Free services have been added, including Arm Ampere A1
Compute. For large-scale Arm development projects you can apply
OCI Arm Accelerator. As ambulatory care continues to evolve as one of the fastest oracle company in bangalore growing sectors in healthcare, maximizing clinic efficiency becomes critical. One step leaders at Banner Health are taking to improve efficiency at their outpatient clinics is streamlining their adult intake form. Working with Cerner and multiple healthcare organizations as part of the Essential Clinical Dataset (ECD) group, ambulatory clinicians inventoried each field on the form and removed unnecessary fields.

Bangalore’s growth began in the 1980s, when local IT companies like Infosys and Wipro started to emerge and train/recruit skilled professionals. Local universities contributed to the growth of the local talent pool and also support from the government helped the IT sector progress. Encycdata is an IT consulting firm developing proprietary products for EdTech, Cloud Marketplace and Event management. Discover how our customers are delighting their customers with cloud applications and cloud infrastructure. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure allows this ERP system provider to offer improved availability and security to its customers.

Learn why more than 400,000 customers trust Oracle

Revolutionary multitenant architecture helps deliver a secure and consolidated database cloud. Oracle turns 30 with revenues of US$18B, 65,000 employees, and 275,000 customers in more than 145 countries. Oracle kicks off a Silicon Valley high-tech acquisition trend by buying a leader in HR and ERP apps.

UCLA researchers use machine learning to help predict surgical outcomes

Join us and work with prospective customers to understand their needs, identify and qualify opportunities for Oracle, and learn winning skills that set you up for long term success. We’re hiring motivated graduates from all disciplines to join our consulting team. Become a trusted advisor to fascinating customers and learn how to implement cutting-edge solutions that help our customers achieve real-world success with Oracle technologies and applications. Discover Top IT Companies in Bangalore specialized in Oracle and other related services. Oracle was initially founded as a competitor of IBM in the late 1970s and was known ever since primarily for its database software.

Unlock the power of generative AI models capable of advanced language comprehension to build the next generation of enterprise applications. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced every aspect of life to adapt, not least healthcare. Cerner is on a path to enhance patient outcomes and improve healthcare across India through digitalisation.

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Marriott now has the data to drive engagement, talent mobility, and more across 139 countries. Technology fuels real-time race simulations, engine development, and more. Large IT corporations like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Cisco, Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Cognizant and many more have their offices in Bangalore, offering a wide range of IT jobs for local workers. InfoDrive Solutions is a Software Development and Digital Transformation Solutions company, we are headquartered in Singapore with regional offices in… ELEM computes full-heart models of diseased hearts using Oracle’s high performance cloud.

Alongside our partners, we are making great strides to achieve this goal. Empowering clinicians and people with the healthcare IT of tomorrow, today. TechBehemoths is the world’s most advanced and user-friendly platform to match IT Companies with real clients without hustle. InformationWeek names Oracle Database one of the most influential products of the 1990s.

Oracle is one of the biggest tech companies in the world by market capitalization (more than $300B) with more than 160K employees and offices in different countries. It provides a wide range of software solutions, mainly database software, enterprise software and cloud based services. If you have a project and are looking to hire IT service providers from India, Bangalore might be a good city to start with. You can either use the advanced filter on our website to shortlist the companies or submit your project requirements and receive a list of curated companies.

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